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Revision History

Martin Sevior - September 1st, 2010
Updated Solar Thermal section with the latest information including the upcoming 1 GW Blythe Solar Power project in South West California ( The expected cost of electricity from the facility is well over 20 US cents/KWHr.

Martin Sevior - September 1st, 2010
Put in link to Stuart Saniford's article showing how Oil production from Iraq could enable world oil production to continue to increase until 2018. This would substantially delay the onset of Peak Oil. Also put in a link to Oil megaproject website

Martin Sevior - July 27th, 2010
IAEA updates their World uranium reserves. As of January 1st, 2009, identified extractable Uranium reserves now stand at 6.3 million tonnes. This is a 15% increase since the previous snapshot from January 1st, 2007. (See and
Updated extraction of Uranium from seawater with a recent paper by Tamada. Current costs of this technology is $220/kg U.

Martin Sevior - April 13th, 2009
Substantial update on Natural Gas reserves showing the recent success and long term potential of Unconventional Natural Gas resources. Also updates showing the substantial increase in Capital costs for Nuclear Power plants in the USA. (See and

Martin Sevior - February 23rd, 2009
Put in developments with Fusion-Fission Hybrids and Deep Burn technology in the section

Martin Sevior - February 18th, 2008
Fixed a few typographic errors.

Martin Sevior - February 15th, 2008
The section on the size of the Uranium resource has been updated to reflect the substantial changes in the price of Uranium since 2005. Also added a link a recent paper by Tamada et al which estimates the cost of Uranium extraction from sea water using aquaculture methods.

Martin Sevior - February 10th, 2008
A new section to explain Geothermal energy was added to the location:

Martin Sevior - December 12th, 2007
Updated number of operating reactors from 447 to 439 and the installed capacity from 359 to 371 GW taken from the web page
Update suggested by Gordon Willson.

Martin Sevior - August 29th, 2007
Fixed numerous spelling mistakes using handy in browser spell check. Fixed broken link to Challicum Hills Wind Farm.

Martin Sevior - June 21st, 2007
Replaced boken link in "Alternative to Nuclear Power" from to

Martin Sevior - January 26th, 2007
Update the link showing Australia's per capita Greenhouse Gas emissions to

Martin Sevior - December 22nd 2006
Updated the text in "costs of Nuclear Power" to reflect the recent reports of the Chinese purchase of 4 AP1000's for $5.3 billion.

Martin Sevior - October 2th 2006
Provided a document with a more technical description of the Westinghouse AP1000 reactor.

Martin Sevior - September 2nd 2006
Corrected the Swedish Waste disposal cost. It's actually 0.13 cents per KW-HR.

Martin Sevior - August 31st 2006
Provide a link to the ANU Sliver Solar cell technology developments which promises a factor of 4 reduction in PV costs.

Martin Sevior - August 16th 2006
Weaken the executive summary to say "competitive" with coal-fired baseload electricity.

Martin Sevior - August 1st 2006
Put in a link to an excellent Chicago Tribune story on American Oil dependence and peak Oil here

Martin Sevior - July 11th 2006
Provided a link to the Four Corners documentary on Peak Oil.

Martin Sevior - June 28th 2006
Updated figures for Uranium reserves in "size of resource".

Ivona Okuniewicz- June 14 2006
Updated figures in Energy Efficency - Reducing our need for Energy.

Martin Sevior - June 8th 2006
Added text and provided a link to wikipedia describing accidents at nuclear facilities.

Martin Sevior - June 6th 2006
Changed 1.5 => 1 GW of new capacity since demand management and interstate supply will make better use of our generation infrastructure.

Martin Sevior - June 5th 2006
Wrote a reponse to Storm's rebuttal.

Martin Sevior - May 19th 2006
Correct calculations of exposure due to body K-40

Martin Sevior - May 6th 2006
Expanded the discussion on biomass.

Martin Sevior - May 6th 2006
Added link to H.Nifenecker; S.David, J.M.Loiseaux and A.Giorni website with many useful details that explain how nuclear reactors work. (

Martin Sevior - April 22nd 2006
Removed the link to because the story is definately hoax. The pictures may be real.

Ivona Okuniewicz - April 18 2006 Added a link to an article from the Economist describing transmutation in the section on new technologies for nuclear waste disposal.

Martin Sevior - April 3rd 2006
Added a link to an article describing the huge cost of cleaning up Britain's Nuclear Power plants. Alerts to the article were provided by Charles Sevior and Matt Mushalik.

Martin Sevior - March 6th 2006
Added text describing Nuclear waste more fully. Mention dry interim storage. Used text from Mike Brennan for this.

Martin Sevior - March 2nd 2006
Adjusted price of Australian Coal-fired power and placed a link to Andrew Burge's comparison of electricity generation costs in Australia.

Martin Sevior - February 21st 2006
Adjusted the Full Energy Analysis argument and our response to Storm and Smith to use the current Uranium price of $40 per kg.

Martin Sevior - February 19th 2006
Placed the texts of Storms rebuttals and our responses on the website.

Martin Sevior - February 9th 2006
Updated Full energy analysis with the Rossing Mine data point and more text about the Earth's ultimate Uranium reserves.

Martin Sevior - February 7th 2006
Provided a link to the final NRC report approving the Westinhouse AP1000 reactor.

Martin Sevior - February 6th 2006
Updated Natural Gas Price. Provided a link to a study estimating CO2 sequestration costs.

Martin Sevior - January 10th 2006
Updated the link to the new website hosting the SLS paper.

Martin Sevior - December 27th 2005
Put in link to a report of a Chinese project projected to produce two 1-GW reactors at a cost of $USD 1300 per KW.

Martin Sevior - December 27th 2005
Put in link to US patent covering Seko et al. method of recovering Uranium from seawater.

Martin Sevior - December 26th 2005
Put in World Nuclear Association link to 1962 explosion of nuclear device with > 7% 240Pu. Put in link to Jim Green's website talking about reactor grade plutonium for nuclear weapons. Altered text accordingly. Also corrected the text regarding the IAEA. It actually failed to detect illegal behaviour in Iraq prior to the 1991 war. Put in links to foe's objections to ASNTO in regard to IAEA. Put in links to ASNO response. Added text accordingly.

Martin Sevior - December 24th 2005
Weakened statements regarding nuclear weapons. Uranium weapons require 80% enrichment or greater. Changed "can never" to "most unlikely" regarding 240Pu concentrations greater than 7%

Martin Sevior - December 24th 2005
Changed High Eneriched uranium from 5% to 20% on feedback from Jim Green.

Martin Sevior - December 24th 2005
Removed statement nuclear weapons prefering 239Pu because it is "more stable"

Ivona Okuniewicz - December 23rd 2005
Changed the statement of Uranium-239->Plutonium-239 by including the intermediate process of Neptunium-239 in the nuclear waste section.

Martin Sevior - December 23rd 2005
Added a webpage that explictly shows the calculation of the energy cost prediction for the Olympic Dam mine.

Martin Sevior - December 23rd 2005
Corrected some ambiguous text describing the Chernobyl accident.

Martin Sevior - December 23rd 2005
Added a link to the Union of Concerned Scientists investigations of Nuclear Safety along with some additional text. Added an aditional link to an article by Robert Pool about safety issues in early nuclear reactors.

Ivona Okuniewicz - December 22nd 2005
Added a link to solar cities in the energy efficiency page. Added a link to recent IAEA conference on nucear waste.

Martin Sevior - December 22nd 2005
Updated text to do with Denmark and Windpower following some valuable feedback.

Martin Sevior - December 21st 2005
Removed "under construction" on first page.

Martin Sevior - December 17th 2005
Link to paper describing Seko paper describing Uranium extraction from sea-water.

Martin Sevior - December 6th 2005
Numerous fixes for spelling and English mistakes. Added contact email hint.

artin Sevior - Nov 24th 2005
Numerous fixes for spelling and English mistakes. Added title " Discuss, Contribute and tell others."

Martin Sevior - Nov 24th 2005
More updates to "Energy Lifecycle of Nuclear Power". Updates to "size of usable resource". Showed the relationship between elemental abundance and production cost is nicely reproduced by price of tin and gold. Used this to predict the long term price of Uranium at a factor of 10 greater production rate.

Martin Sevior - Nov 22nd 2005
Updated "Energy Lifecycle of Nuclear Power". Critiqued paper by Jan Willem Storm van Leeuwen and Philip Smith.

Martin Sevior - Nov 21st 2005
Fixed various grammatical errors and typos. Put in summaries for "Challenges for Nuclear Power" and "Alternatives to Nuclear Power"

Martin Sevior - Nov 18th 2005
Updated the price of Natural Gas.

Martin Sevior - Nov 14th 2005
Added suummaries for Energy Requirements and Issues, The Science of Nuclear Power and Benefits of Nuclear Power.

Martin Sevior - Nov 4th 2005
Added links to the costs of Westinghouse AP1000 Reactor

Martin Sevior - Nov 3rd 2005
Broke site into more managable pieces

Martin Sevior - Nov 1st 2005
Changed the title of the page to

Martin Sevior - Nov 1st 2005
Added some words in Energy Efficiency to calibrate energy savings in terms of large power plants. Also put in calculations of cost of avoiding to build new power plants and compared it to the cost of actually building them.

Martin Sevior - 27 Oct 2005
Added a link to Victoria's projected energy deficit of 500 Megawatts in the summer of 2005. Fixed some typos in the energy efficiency section.

Ivona Okuniewicz - 25 Oct 2005
Added and corrected some statistics in the Energy Efficiency section. Added a paragraph on the meaning of the table of Captital Expenditure vs Energy Saving in the Industrial and Commerical sector.
MartinSevior - 24 Oct 2005
Updated Natural Gas price. More text on Nuclear Proliferation.

MartinSevior - 22 Oct 2005
Editted Nuclear Weapons section. Tweaked some words on Greenhouse gas emissions.

MartinSevior - 21 Oct 2005
Added revision link.


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